experience Creativity

Our videos take a unique approach as we envision your project from start to finish. We make sure to captivate your project in a way that keeps your audience engaged. 

Streamline your production

During post production, JDAProduxions provides an easy way of making sure your final product, is above and beyond of what you were looking for.  Using new technology, you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly what you need in your videos. 

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Services tailored to your needs


At JDAProduxions, we care. We make sure your ideas are incorporated in a great manner to make your video unique and special.


To display the right message, you need to display the right kind of emotion. Our lighting techniques can assist in setting the right mood, for your video.


The right eye for your project can make or break your idea. With our skilled videographers and their experience, we can achieve the shot you wanted.


Whether a complex edit, or a simple message. JDAProduxions can provide the post production solution for you and your video.

Color Grading

With the right color grade your video can achieve a totally different feel. Whatever you need, we can adjust our footage to portray the right emotion.

Delivery and Optimization

Sharing your media is not easy. We provide extra assistance, even when the project is over, to assure your media is posted in the right format on the best platforms.

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